tiny samba4 smbd on vxworks

Löttner Andreas loettner at surfeu.at
Thu Jan 20 21:21:06 GMT 2005

I am not a specialist for samba, but i try to port samba4 to vxworks. I
think the single process model could be interesting. I downloaded the source
by svn. I compiled the source on my linux machine. The smbd works fine with
windows clients.
For the vxworks OS I only need a simple server (file sharing, share level
security, no ldap and so on and i think a smbpasswd file is enough for
authentication). My question is which subfolders in the folder _source_ are
necessary for a simple server and which are not.
Are there any flags for the configure script (more than i can see by --help)
or #defines to build a tiny smbd for linux?
Best regards,
Andreas Loettner

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