samba pipe?

Volker Lendecke Volker.Lendecke at SerNet.DE
Tue Feb 15 08:38:43 GMT 2005


In the irclog I've seen a little discussion about a samba pipe. I've done some
development in samba3 winbind -> samba3 smbd (not releasable yet) to retrieve
the id mapping as well as the homedir and shell from the pdc. The idea is to
have the homedir and shell either fixed UTF-8 encoded or create a separate call
to tell the server about the client's locale.

The idea is to have anonymous access possible for reading, updating operations
(allocate a new unix id) needs to be over an ntlmssp authenticated bind with
the domain member's machine account data.



#include "idl_types.h"

  Samba interface definition

[ uuid("9c54e310-a955-4885-bd31-78787147dfa6"),
  endpoint("ncacn_np:[\\pipe\\samba]", "ncacn_ip_tcp:", "ncalrpc:"),
  helpstring("Samba specific stuff"),
] interface samba
	NTSTATUS samba_SidToUid (
	    [in]	dom_sid *sid,
	    [out]	uint32 uid

	NTSTATUS samba_UidToSid (
	    [in]	uint32 uid,
	    [out]	dom_sid *sid

	NTSTATUS samba_SidToGid (
	    [in]	dom_sid *sid,
	    [out]	uint32 gid

	NTSTATUS samba_GidToSid (
	    [in]	uint32 gid,
	    [out]	dom_sid *sid

	NTSTATUS samba_GetPWUid (
	    [in]	uint32 uid,
	    [out]	utf8string homedir,
	    [out]	utf8string shell
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