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Volker Lendecke schrieb:
| Hi!
| In the irclog I've seen a little discussion about a samba pipe. I've done some
| development in samba3 winbind -> samba3 smbd (not releasable yet) to retrieve
| the id mapping as well as the homedir and shell from the pdc. The idea is to
| have the homedir and shell either fixed UTF-8 encoded or create a separate call
| to tell the server about the client's locale.
| The idea is to have anonymous access possible for reading, updating operations
| (allocate a new unix id) needs to be over an ntlmssp authenticated bind with
| the domain member's machine account data.
| Comments?

I would try to find another name for the pipe

I would add a function that takes a flsid list (NT_TOKEN) and replies the unix token
with homedir and shell as option when

typedef bitmap {
	SAMBA_UNIX_TOKEN	= 0x00000001,
	SAMBA_UNIX_HOMEDIR	= 0x00000002,
	SAMBA_UNIX_SHELL	= 0x00000004
} samba_unixInfoFlags;

NTSTATUS samba_getUnixInfo(
	[in] samba_unixInfoFlags;
	[in,ref] samba_ntToken *nt_token;
	[out] samba_unixToken *unix_token;
	[out] utf8string *unix_homedir;
	[out] utf8string *unix_shell;

so that we don't need to do multiple sid2uid or sid2gid calls to convert a nttoken

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