A bug maybe; Write list access to Read only share; security = share?

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri Feb 4 17:36:41 GMT 2005

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Christopher R. Hertel wrote:

| Situations which come to mind include:
| - Tech conferences, seminars, and such-like in which you
| might want to provide access for a group of people
| without the hassle of creating one (or more) new users
| on the system.
| - Small networks, isolated or behind a firewall, with users
| of various ages and abilites (eg., my home network).  I have
| some shares at home that are set up this way to
| make it simpler for my kids.
| Share-mode security has been around since the start of
| CIFS.  It's old,  and not particularly secure, but there are
| situations in which security  really isn't as much of an issue.


I'm still not convinced.  You just talk about share mode
security.  That's not the issue.  The problem I have is
that people want to control authorization based on users
without wanting to explicitly authenticate a user.

That's just plain silly and propagates code that will bit rot.

ciao, jerry
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