svn commit: samba r5156 - in branches/SAMBA_4_0/source/torture: . nbt

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Wed Feb 2 09:27:52 GMT 2005


 > What exactly is failing ? I've been testing this against Samba3 nmbd
 > and a W2K3 server (not running Wins) and they respond the same, ie.
 > they return "name is owned by another node" to the first two registration
 > requests and don't respond to the refresh packet.

my apologies, it is working fine with Samba3. For some reason it
didn't work yesterday, but it is now. If I notice it failing again
I'll let you know. Could well have been my local network (I'm on a
different net today).

Cheers, Tridge

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