draft eventlog registry patch for review

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Wed Aug 31 17:01:18 GMT 2005

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Brian Moran wrote:

| The samba-internal eventlog reading/writing code will need
| certain registry values, and will need to run for certain
| housekeeping operations (e.g. trimming logs to the
| registry-specified sizes, etc.), so it's probably a good
| idea to have a reasonable token around just for these
| cases.

I'll code up a global "Anonymous" and "SYSTEM" token
around that internally we can use for things like this.

| In the "external writer to the eventlog TDB" case,
| the process using the TDB code is going to have to have
| appropriate rights to access the TDB itself, absent
| any other type of mechanism.

Actually in this case, accessing the eventlog record
tdbs should be handled by file systenm permissions.
An alternative for readonly access to certain
registry values would be a simple command line tool
that could be executed from a shell.  How would that
work for you?

cheer, jerry
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