Why the flood of patches on the list ?

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Wed Aug 31 16:55:56 GMT 2005

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Since Tridge suggested that we should come up with
an alternative means of doing code reviews, we've been
trying to figure out a better way than "works for me....
check it in and see what breaks".  So the recent
flood of patches and postings about svk are towards
this end.

Most collaborative work on Samba has been historically
done one on one.  Either via individual mails, IRC, or
phone calls.  So this is an effort to broaden the
audience participating in the review process as well
as helping keep people up to date on what's going
on in the development trees (just in case you aren't
addicted to the svn commit logs).

If you see a patch posted, then its fair game for
review.  Doesn't matter if you fully grok that
particular area of functionality or not in the code
base.  Reviewing code can be a good way to become
familiar with a new code base or subsystem.  Reviews
can be in many forms.  Simply by reading through
the code, applying the patch and testing it, etc...
But please keep comments on the list so everyone
can join in on the "fun".  :-)

We will probably not SPAM everyone with trivial
or obvious fixes as that would just slow *everything*

cheers, jerry

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