draft eventlog registry patch for review

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Wed Aug 31 16:43:04 GMT 2005

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Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
| Hey guys,
| Here's what I'm thinking for the eventlog code.
| The virtual eventlog registry paths are still
| handled by reg_eventlog.c.  The changes are
| to clean up the registry keys and values
| to regdb_fetch/store_XXX().
| I have not finished updateing the Eventlog
| rpc code to retreiving these values.  I'll
| finish up that tomorrow.  This is just basically
| for early review.

Here's another revision against trunk

Some of the code will go away once the extra eventlog
smb.conf hook are removed.  Notably the changes to

The main changes here are the move to regkey_open_internal()
which allows us to open a path and get REGISTRY_KEY*.  Which
can then be used in regkey_{fetch,store}_values().
Thus giving us a common API for storing configuration
information in the virtual registry.  Since this sits
on top of the REGISTRY_OPS* layer, it means the caller
doesn't have to worry about how or where the data is
actually stored.

Here's the general idea (taken from control_eventlog_hook()):

/* the general idea is to internally open the registry
	key and retrieve the values.  That way we can continue
	to use the same fetch/store api that we use in
	srv_reg_nt.c */

pstr_sprintf( path, "%s/%s", KEY_EVENTLOG, elogname );
wresult = regkey_open_internal( &keyinfo, path, token, REG_KEY_READ );

if ( !W_ERROR_IS_OK( wresult ) ) {

if ( !(values = TALLOC_ZERO_P( keyinfo, REGVAL_CTR )) ) {

fetch_reg_values( keyinfo, values );

if ( (val = regval_ctr_getvalue( values, "Retention" )) != NULL )
	uiRetention = IVAL( regval_data_p(val), 0 );

if ( (val = regval_ctr_getvalue( values, "MaxSize" )) != NULL )
	uiMaxSize = IVAL( regval_data_p(val), 0 );

TALLOC_FREE( keyinfo );

The main problem with this patch is the control_eventlog_hook()
now requiring that you pass in an NT_USER_TOKEN* for the
access checks necessary in regkey_open_internal().  The
only place the control_eventlog_hook() code gets invoked is
in init_registry_data(), but this poses a problem since
we don't have a valid user token then.  But I could
just create a token for root (which would be similar
to opening a key under the context of LOCAL_SYSTEM
on Windows).

cheers, jerry
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