libnet_join advice

Brad Henry j0j0 at
Sun Aug 28 14:22:52 GMT 2005


One of the things we've done with the dssync SOC project has been to 
separate the logic in libnet_join.c, so that the ADS specific part of a 
dc join occurs in a seperate function.

I was wondering how much farther we want to go with an ADS dc join in 
libnet. The machine account gets created using SAMR, but not the AD 
container entries. I have put the code together (commented out in 
dssync.c as metze was able to determine that we don't need a dc join to 
successfully call dcerpc_drsuapi_DSGetNCChanges()) to accomplish the 
join and accompanying removal, using ldb to perform the LDAP operations 
on AD (and dcerpc_drsuapi_DsAddEntry() to create the NTDS container), 
and cldap_netlogon() to resolve the proper site name.

Do you think I should spend some time this week supporting this in 
libnet? Being that it had already been working and tested in dssync.c, I 
would expect that it would be a minimal investment of effort/time to 
move it to libnet. Is there a better place to do these additional steps, 
or a reason they aren't in libnet already?

Should I just 'focus on dssync' until the SOC is over?  Bonus marks 
perhaps. ;)

Thanks, any advice/suggestions appreciated,

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