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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Fri Aug 26 15:21:22 GMT 2005

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Steve Williams wrote:

> If you put together a little "bug submitter directions" 
> on exactly how to get the patches out of svn so they
> were compatable with the commands to apply the patch, I do not
> think it is unreasonable to expect people that have put the
> effort into resolving the problem to throw together
> the patches.  I have all the patches & could put them in 
> one file and email them to you, but I think they have
> different "-p X" args.. I had never used SVN until this little
> episode.  I for sure would not mind doing it if I had
> just a little nudge in the right direction... maybe

A small svn howto for bug reporters would probably help though
in your case.  Specifically for testing bug fixes while we
are working on.  I need to write some bug  reporting guidelines
as well.  Most people don't provide the necessary amount of detail
to reproduce or track down the issue to begin with.

But I think having the general comunity pull patches from
svn would be a grenade waiting to explode.  The patches page
needs to be easy to pull from and apply.  It would be too easy
for people to pull the wrong or incomplete patch from anonymous

cheers, jerry
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