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Steve Williams steve at
Fri Aug 26 19:33:20 GMT 2005

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:

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>Steve Williams wrote:
>>If you put together a little "bug submitter directions" 
>>on exactly how to get the patches out of svn so they
>>were compatable with the commands to apply the patch, I do not
>>think it is unreasonable to expect people that have put the
>>effort into resolving the problem to throw together
>>the patches.  I have all the patches & could put them in 
>>one file and email them to you, but I think they have
>>different "-p X" args.. I had never used SVN until this little
>>episode.  I for sure would not mind doing it if I had
>>just a little nudge in the right direction... maybe
>A small svn howto for bug reporters would probably help though
>in your case.  Specifically for testing bug fixes while we
>are working on.  I need to write some bug  reporting guidelines
>as well.  Most people don't provide the necessary amount of detail
>to reproduce or track down the issue to begin with.
>But I think having the general comunity pull patches from
>svn would be a grenade waiting to explode.  The patches page
>needs to be easy to pull from and apply.  It would be too easy
>for people to pull the wrong or incomplete patch from anonymous
>cheers, jerry

OMG!  I was never suggesting an "anonymous" SVN.  I am sorry if I wasn't 
clear.  I 100% agree that would an unmitigated disaster.  All I was 
proposing was a "complete" patch could be hung off a bugzilla report 
making it easy for a samba "delegate" to drop into the patches page. 

Regardless, the patch page is a great idea! 

It could also make life a lot easier for the Samba team to release a 
"point release" (ie:  3.0.14a).  At a certain point, just apply all the 
outstanding patches to the latest release and voilla!


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