3.0.20 - ntlm_auth & winbind

Brian Moran brianmo at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 25 06:59:37 GMT 2005

I'm seeing what I believe to be bad behavior from
ntlm_auth in 3.0.20 --

When using the command line form of validating users
(e.g. ntlm_auth --username=foo --domain=corp
--password=mypass), if an invalid password is provided
for a domain user, the following error is thrown:

Reading winbind reply failed! (0x01)
:  (0x0)

Providing the correct password for 3.0.20 yields:
NT_STATUS_OK: .mydomain.com (0x0)

The error returned in pre-3.0.20 (tested with crusty
3.0.7) was NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD: Wrong Password

Is this expected behavior? Also, if I kill winbind,
and  restart it, if I run ntlm_auth with valid
username and password for a domain user WITHIN 3
SECONDS of starting winbind, it ALWAYS fails. If I
wait 3 seconds or longer to do the ntlm_auth, it

I just compiled up 3.0.20 under RHEL4, with the
following settings:
/configure \
        --prefix=/usr/sbin \
        --localstatedir=/var \
        --sysconfdir=/etc \
        --with-privatedir=/etc/samba \
        --with-fhs \
        --with-quotas \
        --with-smbmount \
        --with-pam \
        --with-pam_smbpass \
        --with-syslog \
        --with-utmp \
        --with-sambabook=/usr/share/swat/using_samba \
        --with-swatdir=/usr/share/swat \
        --with-libsmbclient \
        --with-acl-support \
        --with-shared-modules=idmap_rid \

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