winbindd in trunk problem on RHEL4

Marcin Porwit mporwit at
Tue Aug 23 04:02:09 GMT 2005

I'm trying to debug a problem with winbindd on trunk in RHEL4, where
some queries run against winbindd hang indefinitely.

On SuSE 9.2, with a samba that has not been configured to join any
domain, running 'wbinfo -n "Domain Admins"' quickly returns with an
error stating that there was a problem getting the domain information.

On RHEL4, with a similarily unconfigured samba, 'wbinfo -n "Domain Admins"'
never returns. Instead, it keeps retrying the request to winbindd. Turns
out that when winbindd is doing the winbing_lookupname_async(), it never
provides a response to wbinfo. The request disappears into an asynchronous
black hole, and I'm unable to follow it any further (perhaps my gdb kung fu
is not strong enough). I'm unable to set a breakpoint in fork_domain_child(),
and follow-fork-mode child is enabled, but I lose track of the request anyway.

Any thoughts on how to approach this, or what may be wrong with it? The two
systems have different Kerberos implementations, but I don't know enough about
that to rule this in or out...
Marcin Krzysztof Porwit
mporwit at

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