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Sat Aug 20 10:04:49 GMT 2005

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Christoph Klein schrieb:
> Hi there,
> though it seems to me, that interest is little for my tiny project, i
> try once again to gain some attention. 
> Following your list, i had the impression, that development of ntacl-lsm accellerated last weeks. So me too i had spend some more time on my lsm. 
> I still think, it would be useful to throw our lsms togeteher, though up to now nobody could explain to me, what the advanteges of storing full nt-secdescs are.
> They have to be converted every time they are used, and this process doenst
> seem to be simple. I think one of the principles of kernel development
> is, to do just a few, minor things in kernelspace and everything that
> can be done within userpace should be done in userspace. The second
> point is, that i dont see, how you want to resolve SIDs within the
> kernel?
> So back to my developments: The newest verion is avaiable from
> I hope the readme does now fully cover the installation process. Feel
> free to ask questions and send in bug reports or (even better) some
> patches.

Hi Chris,

thanks for the mail I'll look at it the next days,

stupid, but I just had the idea (2 hours ago) to maybe make the ntacl-lsm module more generic and to
not handle just NT SID's and NT security_descriptors...

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