Samba 4 diffs for building under HP-UX 11.11 (in gcc environment)

tridge at tridge at
Sat Aug 20 03:03:54 GMT 2005


 > Saw that, haven't been able to break away from my 'day job' to look
 > at it yet.  One thing, on hp-ux 11.11 we STILL don't have a unified
 > cache, so we still need to disable mmap when we are running on
 > HP-UX - is that still 'do-able' in the Samba 4 code?  Not saying
 > that that explains it, but I need to ask.

We still have the 'use mmap = yes/no' option, but it isn't hooked into
the tdb open code any more, so tdb uses mmap anyway even if set to no.

That's certainly a bug, but I don't think that explains the
results. Can you double check me on this by manually editing
include/config.h and removing the HAVE_MMAP line? Alternatively,
change the two #ifdef HAVE_MMAP lines in lib/tdb/common/tdb.c to be
XX_HAVE_MMAP_XX and test with that.

 > I'll try to track down via smbtorture whether we're talking client
 > or server here, hopefully early next week, or this weekend. 

ok, thanks!

If you get totally stuck, is there some way you can let me ssh into
this box, or another similar HPUX box?

Cheers, Tridge

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