Samba 4 diffs for building under HP-UX 11.11 (in gcc environment)

tridge at tridge at
Thu Aug 18 05:02:25 GMT 2005


Looks like we are close. The HPUX machine 'gwen' in the build farm is
now building fine, but is failing its selftest. The failure is rather
strange, it seems that getpwnam("nobody") is failing. Is 'nobody' a
standard account on HPUX? Is there something strange about the nss
libs that would make getpwnam("nobody") fail?

You can see the failure here:;host=gwen;tree=samba4;compiler=gcc

You will see:

  Unable to find user/group for nobody

Can I possibly ask you to help us debug this? First off, build Samba4
and run 'make test'. If that passes then your machine doesn't have the
problem and its just 'gwen'. If it fails, then can you possibly run

  gdb bin/smbscript
  # b ejs_getpwnam
  # run setup/provision --domain=testdom --adminpass=test

then when it breaks in ejs_getpwnam() have a look at the getpwnam()
call and see if you can spot whats happening. Maybe mprToString() is

I don't have direct access to a HPUX machine, so its a bit hard for me
to debug.

Cheers, Tridge

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