Loose ends for libmsrpc

Chris Nicholls skel at samba.org
Tue Aug 16 16:50:06 GMT 2005

>Sounds ok with me.  I'll consider the svcctl pipe optional for the
>final deliverable then.  What's you ideas for a demo?
I think the biggest candidates are  a registry editor or user manager.  
I've been giving a little thought about how a UI would work for them 
from the command line.

For a user manager, there is potentially a lot of information to be 
displayed for a user or group and a number of possible commands, so i 
think to make it the most useful a simple menu driven interface could be 
used. Similar to the test code that I have, but much more robust. 
Basically you hit a key from a main menu, let's say 'g' and it takes you 
to a menu for group operations where you can manage the groups.  This 
will make it easier than typing out commands like 'adduser' or 
'addgroupmember', etc.  I was thinking about this last night and I felt 
a bit nostalgic becuase it reminded me of BBSs :)

The problem with this approach though is that it doesnt implicitly 
support commands straight from a command line, so if someone wanted to 
wrap it with a shell script it wouldn't really work out.  But at the 
same time there may not be a need to execute it from a shell script.

For a registry editor, I think an interface similar to a shell, and 
might look something like:
 > open HKLM\Software\CAC
 > list
   val1      REG_SZ    "abc"
 > setval val2
    [1]  REG_SZ
    [2]  REG_DWORD
    Type: 1

    Value: def

and etc..

This are just some ideas.  Any thoughts?


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