Loose ends for libmsrpc

Chris Nicholls skel at samba.org
Tue Aug 16 16:08:58 GMT 2005

>Obviously you can't finish all the rpc pipes before the Sept
>1 deadline.  So what are the loose ends that need to be tied
>up before then?
Right now, I'm working through the samr calls. Once I get through them, 
I have a few FIXME comments around the code that I'll have to clean up.  
Also, I want to go over the interface, I think there are some 
inconsistencies, I want to fix it up so that any output parameters from 
one function can flow nicely into any calls that might come after and 
also make sure the code is clean and stable.  Also, I need to work on 
the comments and run doxygen to have some worthwhile documentation.

>I would stick with the pipes you have now (lsa, winreg, and samr).
>If you want to implement another one, the svctl pipe would be
>a good choice I think.  But given the number of samr calls,
>probably the current three are enough for now.
I think my plan is to finish up samr and clean up all the loose ends, 
then work on a demo for the library.  At that point, I expect I should 
still have a little time before the deadline, and I'll move on to the 
svcctl pipe and see how far i get.  Does that sound reasonable?

>I noticed that libmsrpc.so is not build by default and libmsrpc.a
>is only 8 bytes.  Is this just a problem with my build environment
>or are you doing some extra steps when you compile?
this isn't just a problem with your build environment. I'll fix this up 

>For the final deliverable, what I would like is a single patch against
>the current SAMBA_3_0 tree (whatever the current revision is by then)
>that I can apply to merge the changes from the SOC/SAMBA_3_0 branch
>into the main 3.0 tree.  That will be what I sign off on rather than
>working through the SOC tree.  Sounds ok ?
Sounds good.


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