Loose ends for libmsrpc

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Tue Aug 16 14:09:29 GMT 2005

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Things are looking really good in your code.  I had a couple
of minor build issues.  Mostly with building the test code
though so no big deal.

Obviously you can't finish all the rpc pipes before the Sept
1 deadline.  So what are the loose ends that need to be tied
up before then?

I would stick with the pipes you have now (lsa, winreg, and samr).
If you want to implement another one, the svctl pipe would be
a good choice I think.  But given the number of samr calls,
probably the current three are enough for now.

I noticed that libmsrpc.so is not build by default and libmsrpc.a
is only 8 bytes.  Is this just a problem with my build environment
or are you doing some extra steps when you compile?

For the final deliverable, what I would like is a single patch against
the current SAMBA_3_0 tree (whatever the current revision is by then)
that I can apply to merge the changes from the SOC/SAMBA_3_0 branch
into the main 3.0 tree.  That will be what I sign off on rather than
working through the SOC tree.  Sounds ok ?

cheers, jerry
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