Samba4 and OpenLDAP

Holger Schmieder schmieder at
Tue Aug 16 11:40:51 GMT 2005

First of all: thanks for the ldap-update. I checked that, it looks pretty much better now.

Regarding my RPC-Problem
This is the configuration:

PDA <---1.---> W2K-Workstation with MS-Outlook and SyncServer <---2.---> Linux-Server with Groupware-Server
1: private sync-protocol
2.1: The syncserver speeks to CDO (on the local-system)
2.2: CDO checks the account over rpc
2.3: If the account is vailid, the CDO establishes a MAPI to Outlook (local)
2.4: Outlook with the scalix-mapi is making a connection to the specified postbox
Hope this is a little bit more clear now.

With an real exchange server this is exactly the same enviroment.
On a windows-pc i can work with the same api-calls with Scalix and Exchange. So the idea is to emulate the rpc-authentication, and after that everything should be the same. My problem is now that i have OpenLDAP as user-store. I am trying to use only the samba4's rpc services to offer the rpc-authentication for the CDO. So my task is now to tell samba4 to fetch all users from OpenLDAP.
Now i know that i can configure samba4 as NT-Member-Server. But how can i tell them to fetch the accounts from ldap or from an NT40 domain instead from local DB ?

Regarding openchange:
The project himself looks verry interessting, but a MAPI is'nt what i want now. Anyway i will study the website next view days - it looks interesting.


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