Samba Management Python Framework - status update

amitregmi at amitregmi at
Tue Aug 16 07:35:10 GMT 2005

classes added


I have put methods for starting / restarting the server in the Server
Object. Hope that's okey.

Server Management

1> server manager

	Add Global Params
	Change Global Params

2> fileshare manager

	Add file share
	Remove file Share
	Add Prameters to a file share
	Modify a file share

3> printshare manager

	Set Print Style
	Add Print Share
	Remove Print Share
	Modify Print Share

4> start from scratch (erases out all the settings to start with a new
smb.conf file)
5> view smb.conf
6> test smb.conf

User Management

1> Unix Users

	Add / Remove

2> Samba Users

	Add Samba User
	Enable Samba User
	Disable Samba User
	Remove Samba User
	Change Samba Password

Group Management

1> Unix Groups

	Add Unix Group
	Remove Unix Group
	List All Users in a Unix Group
	Add a User To Unix Group
	Remove User From Unix Group

2> Samba Groups

	Add Samba Group
	Remove Samba Group
	Modify Samba Group
	Map Widows Group To Unix Group
	Modify Windows Group mapping
	Remove Windows Group mapping


	UserPrivilege Management
	MachineAccount Management

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