delete_on_close flag handling

Nadav Danieli nadavd at
Tue Aug 16 00:13:01 GMT 2005

> Play a video/audio file with mediaplayer on a remote share, then
> delete it on the server side, the file is gone, and cannot be seen on
> both client and server, but still playing, until mediaplayer is
> closed.
> However, if the file is played on the server side (or another client)
> and deleted on the client, the name is still there, when trying to
> delete it again on either client or server, an access error appear.
> Closing mediaplayer make it disappear on both ends.

If I do not forget to pres the shift key when deleting the file on the
server, than behavior is the same as if deleted on remote share.
I was right to say "forget what I have said" :-)
Again sorry about all the fuss

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