delete_on_close flag handling

Nadav Danieli nadavd at
Mon Aug 15 20:47:05 GMT 2005

> No problem. However, I'm quite interested in the difference between the local
> and the remote case. It probably does not really matter much for Samba, I'm
> just really curious. What exactly did you test?
> Thanks,
> Volker

Play a video/audio file with mediaplayer on a remote share, then delete
it on the server side, the file is gone, and cannot be seen on both
client and server, but still playing, until mediaplayer is closed.
However, if the file is played on the server side (or another client)
and deleted on the client, the name is still there, when trying to
delete it again on either client or server, an access error appear.
Closing mediaplayer make it disappear on both ends.

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