libmsrpc status update

Chris Nicholls cnicholl at
Thu Aug 4 17:48:00 GMT 2005


Just a bit of an update. 

I'm just wrapping up with the LSA functions right now.
Once that is completed, I think the CacServerHandle structure could use 
a little cleaning up, i'd like to move the _srv_lvl, _pipes and ctx 
members into an internal structure (similar to the SMBCCTX). 

Also, I'd like to fix up the current cac_Connect() interface.  It should 
be 1 server handle => 1 server connection, and cac_Connect() can be made 
to allow someone to re-use a single CacServerHandle for multiple servers 
by re-initilizing the handle when a different server name is passed into 
the function.  This is probably a little unneccesary though, and I think 
i'll end up forcing the developer to cac_FreeHandle() and then 
re-initialize it if they want to re-use it.

Also, I'm going to add a function like:
SMBCSRV *cac_GetServer(CacServerHandle *)
to be used internally to get the underlying connection, right now the 
SMBCSRV is stored in the server handle itself.  This might be a little 
on the excessive side, but at least it will guarantee a connection (or 

There's some things that need to be cleaned up in the interface itself, 
a few inconsistencies that have come up and should be straightened out.

Moving forward I'd like get to get going on the registry functions next. 
I won't be able to get much done this evening, but hopefully I can be 
started on the registry functions by later tonight or first thing tomorrow.


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