unix charset = latin prevents umlauts in new password

Ingo Steuwer steuwer at univention.de
Wed Aug 3 12:59:24 GMT 2005


if I set "unix charset = latin" in smb.conf (3.0.14a/debian sarge) I can use 
smbclient and rpcclient in my environment (which doesn't use utf8) with 
passwords containing german umlauts and change it to any new one using 

I can also authenticate with my Windows-XP Domain Member using this password, 
but what I can not do is change my password to a new password with umlauts.

From the users view this is even more strange since samba sends an 
NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD, which leads windows to acclaim that the old 
password was wrong while the failure was generated by the new one. New 
passwords without umlauts will work fine. Setting "unix charset" to default 
also works.

I can send you the log if interrested.

Ingo Steuwer

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