Fix for setatr in clifile.c

Satwik Hebbar satwikh at
Thu Apr 28 07:14:34 GMT 2005

Hey Derell,

The test program I am using is actually part of the complete project that  
I am working on. Its in Python and uses the python extensions to samba and  
the libsmbclient. I even added a few extensions of my own to call some  
libsmb routines. Can you give me some time to prepare the test program for  
you by extracting the relevant stuff from my project?

> I'd like to see the test program you are using.  Since I can't make it  
> fail
> against Win2k using libsmbclient (smbc_utime()) which calls  
> cli_setatr(), I
> need to see exactly what you're doing to ascertain why it works for me  
> but not
> for you.

I have opened bug no 2663, under libsmbclient in samba 3.0. The patches  
are also in there with the bug. I guess my explanation of the bug there  
will make it clear as to why setatr works for you. basically, setattrE  
fails because of the flawed conversion from unix to dos. And when you fix  
that in time.c, it leads to setatr failing because it calls the conversion  
routing when it shouldnt actually be.

> What bug number did you add to bugzilla?  Is it marked as component
> "libsmbclient" in Samba 3.0?  I don't see it when I query for bugs in
> libsmbclient.
> I also never received the patch.  Is your patch attached to your bug  
> entry in
> bugzilla?  If not, please attach it.
> Lastly, would you please attach the ethereal traces you just emailed me  
> and
> the test program to the bug report so I can find them all in bugzilla  
> when I
> get to working on this (hopefully soon).
> Thanks again!
> Derrell

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