Fix for setatr in clifile.c

derrell at derrell at
Wed Apr 27 16:47:59 GMT 2005

"Satwik Hebbar" <satwikh at> writes:

> Yeah, I did note that too. In my case, I have fixed the code in lib/time.c  
> to do the actual conversion to the dos format. I had started working with  
> samba-3.0.9 and figured somebody must have fixed that later, but even that  
> doesnt seem to have been fixed. I will submit a patch on that one too. In  
> fact, both the unix->dos and dos->unix conversion were simply doing GMT to  
> localtime conversions and vice-versa.
> Anyway, for now, please assume that the conversions I am doing in time.c  
> are working fine (cos I have done a lot of testing on that code). My  
> experiment was on a Win2k server.

I'd like to see the test program you are using.  Since I can't make it fail
against Win2k using libsmbclient (smbc_utime()) which calls cli_setatr(), I
need to see exactly what you're doing to ascertain why it works for me but not
for you.

What bug number did you add to bugzilla?  Is it marked as component
"libsmbclient" in Samba 3.0?  I don't see it when I query for bugs in

I also never received the patch.  Is your patch attached to your bug entry in
bugzilla?  If not, please attach it.

Lastly, would you please attach the ethereal traces you just emailed me and
the test program to the bug report so I can find them all in bugzilla when I
get to working on this (hopefully soon).

Thanks again!


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