PgSQL backend does not insert complete data in table.

italo at italo at
Thu Apr 28 01:23:50 GMT 2005


I just new in thi list. I a user of samba by year. but now I have a problem with

I was runing a samba with pgsql backend in BDS, this server collaps and I
install now a new server (Debian). I install from source postgres and also
Samba. This samba is a Domain Controler.

The situation is that when I insert a new user with smbpass it create the record
in the table users but the fields like username, domain, nt_username, full_name,
etc. keep empty. Because the field username keep empty it can't be foind in a
authentication query.

I installed Samba 3.0.15 with the same result.

Could some body please helpme in thi issue?

I am using postgres 8 and is working fine.

Thanks for you help.

Italo Osorio.
Adventis International Institute of Advanced Studies

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