Roaming Profiles Support: Is it working correctly?

Dirk.Laurenz at Dirk.Laurenz at
Thu Apr 28 09:03:31 GMT 2005

Hello everyone,

i have the following Problem with a Samba Server 3.0.9

If an Windows XP SP2 client saves it profile back to the server and
the profile directory does not exist, windows will create it.
It users the following permissions:

	- user:		rwx
	- primary group:	 wx

And that's the problem, logging off and on prevents windows from reading the
saved profile, although the user has full access rights, his primary group has none
and windows stops reading the profile. If you manually change it to rwx for the
primary group, windows is able to read it's profile perfectly.

The question is now, how to get windows creating it's profile correctly!

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