possible bug + possible patch

Sergei Vasilyev sergei at numeri.net
Wed Apr 27 01:34:41 GMT 2005

>> OS:   FreeBSD   5.2.1   Software:  libsmbclient  3.0.13  Situation:
>> sometimes    program    with   this   library   says   to   stdout:
>> "read_socket_data:   recv   failure  for  1032.  Error  =  Resource
>> temporarily unavailable"

dso> Sergei, would you please post this as a bug on bugzilla.samba.org.  Use
dso> component name "libsmbclient".  After creating the bug, "edit" the bug and
dso> attach your patch.  I'll look into it.

I made a new bug in that patch :)

After  we  filtered EAGAIN out, we should check that returned value of
-1     is     not     added    to    buffer    pointer.    Patch    at
http://numeri.net/storage/smbclient-socketsread.patch  is updated with
this condition and is made on 3.0.14a.

Bug     and     new     patch     are    posted    to    bugzilla    -

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