winbind and trusts

Thomas Vaught thomevaught at
Mon Apr 4 23:57:33 GMT 2005

We have a domain where there is a single root domain
and several leaf domains at the second level. I was
able to join one of the leaf domains and could get the
list of users and groups from the root domain.
However, the users and groups from the other second
level domains were not available.

Then, I reconfigured Samba to authenticate against the
root domain and can still see the users of the
original leaf domain as well as the root domain.
However, I still cannot list users and groups from the
other domains. However, they show up in the list of
machines. When I query there sequence, it is either
unavailable or DISCONNECTED. I do have allow trusted
domains set to yes.

Do I need to do something to each leaf domain in order
for trust to be established?

What piece am I missing?



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