free disk size calculation with quotas

Simon Hartmann simon at
Mon Apr 4 17:48:13 GMT 2005

Hi folks,

today i encountered a problem with smbd when using disk quotas.
i use linux 2.6.11 (debian) with samba 3.0.10.
i'm in progress of setting up disk quotas for the domain users (kernel
support with quota and quotatool package).
i set up a softlimit of 150MB and a hardlimit of 300MB.
i given test user running a win2k workstation with a profile of ~88MB was
not able to logout correctly. the profile could not be saved due to lack
of diskspace.
it seems to store the profile there is a need of 2*(size_of_profile).
which isnt rellay curious.
but the fact is that samba does not really recognize the hardlimit. it
uses only the softlimit do determine free disk size (quota).

i verified this along with the sourcecode and with google i found this

is this a bug or a feature? ;-)

any suggestions?

greetings from germany
S. Hartmann

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