WineConf Agenda

Marcus Meissner marcus at
Fri Apr 1 18:26:36 GMT 2005

On Tue, Mar 29, 2005 at 10:31:33PM -0700, Brian Vincent wrote:
> I'm going to start this off with a huge apology - there's a very real
> chance I've asked someone to do a presentation and it's not on this
> list.  If so, you need to email me to remind me.  If you were
> definitely planning on presenting something because I emailed you, let
> me know - there's lots of space available.  I know this only affects 2
> or 3 people, but I tossed around a few ideas and didn't want to leave
> any loose ends.  (Any of those items would make nice topics.)
> This is the initial agenda for WineConf.  I hope to add a few more
> items, but Jeremy suggested I pull the trigger and announce it.  I
> agree - there's enough here to fill two days and leave a lot of time
> for people to get together in small groups.  Only the first two items
> are in any formal order:
>   Alexandre - Keynote  (He said he's reusing last year's slides.)
>   Dimi - to do list / status update
>   Steven Edwards and the ReactOS crew
>   Charles W Stevenson - Winelib / Winelib porting / and a commercial perspective
>   Andrew Barlett / Samba team? - Samba 4, authentication, lots of
> intelligent ideas
>   Juan Lang - Wine's RPC + Samba or something like that :)
>   Jeremy White - CXTest
>   Jason Edmeades - DirectX 9 / wined3d / eye candy
> I think a full agenda would be about 11 items.  If you would like to
> present something let me know - there's definitely space available. 

I could give an introduction into reverse engineering, including an IDA Pro introduction
(if there is interest.)

Ciao, Marcus

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