tcp-reconnects in heimdal

Love lha at
Tue Sep 28 10:20:40 GMT 2004

2004-09-23 kl. 12.01 skrev Guenther Deschner:

> Hi Love,

Hi Guenther,

> Recent heimdal-snapshots handle tcp-reconnects just in
> a) krb5_get_in_tkt() but not for functions like
> b) krb5_get_credentials().
> Vladimir Nadvornik from SuSE did a backport from heimdal-snapshot for
> 0.6.1rc3 for case a).

Ok, I've commited this part to the 0.6 branch, so if there is
a new 0.6 release, this changes will be in it.

> Attached is my proposal for b) (that is not in any of the snapshots).

I think there is a memory leak in there, my counter proposal in here:

> While setting up and configuring kerberos, any transparent 
> simplification
> that can be achieved easily is desirable, from my point of view.

Yes, that is highly desirable.


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