samba sid/account mismatch error

eccconsultant sunconsultant at
Tue Sep 21 14:29:15 GMT 2004

      we are working on installing samba version 3.0.7 with sun one
directory server as backend. Installation and configuration  was fine.

when i join the windows xp machine, to the samba server, i get the error
" no mapping between account names and security ids were done"
If i am correct, a new sid is generated whenever a new samba
installation is made. i have domain admin,machine and samba user
accounts in the ldap directory server.Since the samba accounts have
information about the SID in them, i have to change it everytime a new
samba installation is made and machines are joined to the  domain.

I want to keep the directory information stable. I looked into the
command, net getlocalsid and net setlocalsid. I can set the SID
information for the samba server and could retrieve the same back
using those commands. but when i try to join the machine to the
domain, i get the security id and account mismatch error.

As far i could see from the logs, during the rpc command
SAMR_LOOKUP_DOMAIN  in source/rpc_server/srv_samr_nt.c returns a
different sid from the one which i set using the "net setlocalsid"

Is there any way to keep the directory information stable and yet join
the machine to the new samba domain.
Any help is appreciated.

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