svn commit: samba r2444 - in branches/SAMBA_3_0/source: include lib passdb

Richard Renard richard.renard at
Tue Sep 21 10:25:03 GMT 2004

Hi Volker,

>Author: vlendec
>Date: 2004-09-20 11:02:14 +0000 (Mon, 20 Sep 2004)
>New Revision: 2444
>Based on jmcd's patch, implement special lists for the ldap user attributes to
>Richard, IMHO this is the better solution to the problem you currently
>have. Please review.
I think this the right way to handle Samba attributes to delete, this 
way we can avoid objectClass violation.
I tested it yesterday night and it seems to be working well.

Maybe we could also invert operations order in srv_samr.c from
delete unix side then samba side
delete samba side then unix side

this way we can avoid the return of NT_STATUS_CANNOT_DELETE when the 
unix script deletes the full entry.
but maybe there are some historical issues I am not aware of concerning 
the order of deletes.

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