Problem with VFS, readdir & dirent

Marek Grac xgrac at
Wed Oct 20 09:54:01 GMT 2004


I have problem with filling return values to vfs_readdir(). I found where 
is the problem, but I'm unable to solve it. So when I do:

struct dirent *dirbuf = malloc(sizeof(struct dirent));

and fill it with correct values, it shows empty filenames. Problem is that 
when using SMB_VFS_READDIR() the dirent is not same as I'm able to define. 
I debug it a little and found that d_name in samba starts at 19th byte of 
dirent, but my d_name starts at 11th byte. So I can see the rest of 
filenames only if they are longer (Brutality -> y). Anyone can help me, 
where to find right definition of dirent (resp. used by SMB_VFS_READDIR).

 					pax, marx
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