[Retry] Printed jobs stay in GUI forever

Martin Zielinski mz at seh.de
Mon Oct 11 09:34:20 GMT 2004

Hello list!

As mentioned before in the samba-list, the last job stays in the gui's job 
list for ever (Samba 3.0.7 and 3.0.8pre1).
Hitting F5 solves the problem as a workaround.

1. The network trace shows, that only ONE RRPCN request is sent to the client, 
when the job is spooled (JOB_STATUS_SPOOLING etc.).
2. The code shows, that another message is generated after the job is printed 
This message never reaches the client.
3. The 2nd message is generated and queued by the background daemon. The first 
is generated by the "original" daemon.
4. It looks, like the notify messages generated by the background daemon are 
not transmitted.
5. I added in the "printing.c - start_background_queue()" - loop:
  if (print_notify_messages_pending())
after the pause() - call.

Now the messages reach the client and the job disappears wo. hitting F5.

Again, I can't verify, if this might cause other problems. 
Any comments about this?

Thanks in advance,

Martin Zielinski                       mz at seh.de
Software Development
SEH Computertechnik GmbH     www.seh.de

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