Perl bindings for libsmbclient

David Barth dbarth at
Mon Oct 11 17:43:12 GMT 2004


I'd like to develop Perl bindings for libsmbclient, and would like some 
advice from the list.

Apparently, there is something for Python but no such thing exists for Perl.
Is there an interest among list members for such a project ? raise you 
hand if you want to help ;-)
Are there specific design or implementation requirements ? Like : static 
vs dynamic binding, public interfaces vs some interfaces or structures 
you consider private to some parts of the samba programs, libsmclient in 
the samba3 or samba3 branch ?

More specifically, I'm trying to improve integration with the new Samba 
Console project we're starting. You can see the first release at
I need to act as a client for some monitoring functions (list the 
shares, see the status). But it also seems I should talk to functions 
specific to the 'net' command for administrative operations : it's not 
clear to me how libsmbclient and net are related : apparently net is not 
linked to libsmbclient : is it historical or on purpose ?


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