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On Fri, Oct 01, 2004 at 12:56:13PM +0530, Ashutosh VARSHNEY wrote:
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This really isn't a question for the samba-technical list. It is more
appropriate for the ClearCase International Users Group mailing list
(majordomo at, subscribe cciug)

    Ashutosh> Hi I m facing problem while integrating SAMBA with
    Ashutosh> Clearcase.  i m trying to access vob located at VOB
    Ashutosh> server through samba.  Vob accesing is OK, but whenever
    Ashutosh> i m trying to check-in an element permissions goes as
    Ashutosh> USER nobody.

    Ashutosh> Unix names and windows user names are differnet but they
    Ashutosh> are mapped via user name map file.

    Ashutosh> Group names in both cases are no problem in
    Ashutosh> group. Only getting problem in User name.

The answer to yoaur question is ... you cannot do this. Unix user
names and windows user names *MUST BE THE SAME*. The username mapping
done by Samba only affects access to the *files* in the VOB
storage. It *does not affect* ClearCase access controls, ownership or

There is no way to address this problem with Samba username
mapping. You *MUST* have your userids be the same. You can look
forward to nothing but headaches and difficulties if you do not.

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