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Mon Nov 29 03:38:32 GMT 2004

Hello stephanass,
Sunday, November 28, 2004, 11:15:04 PM, you wrote:

scnb> Hi all.

scnb> I installed SAMBA as a PDC domain of my network and everything is working 
scnb> ok. But i must to do tree things that i don't know how I do.

scnb> The problems are:

scnb> 1: Today if i want to join a Win2k or WinXP on the SAMBA domain i must to 

try to use "add machine script" in smb.conf.

scnb> 2: I don't want that the samba storaged the profiles for each user on the 

remove "logon path"  parameter from smb.conf.

scnb> 3: I created 30 shares, all them apointing to folder /home/<sharename>, 

You can use something like

 path = /home/%U
 comment = Home Dir for '%U'

scnb> I search on internet but i don't find a properly document about them.

Please, begin to read Samba Documentation. There are many examples of
configuring samba as pdc. You needn`t search on internet, you get all
docs and howtos with samba package.

Also note this question is not for samba-technical but for samba (samba-general) list.

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