HELP: Win2k/XP Question / Profile Question / Root Share Question

stephanass at stephanass at
Sun Nov 28 17:15:04 GMT 2004

Hi all.

I installed SAMBA as a PDC domain of my network and everything is working 
ok. But i must to do tree things that i don't know how I do.
I search on internet but i don't find a properly document about them.

The problems are:

1: Today if i want to join a Win2k or WinXP on the SAMBA domain i must to 
create the machine in the Sistem Operator with "useradd" and after i 
include the machine name in smbpasswd with "smbpasswd -am <machinename>". 
I don't want to include all win2k/winxp of my network manually. Don't have 
any way that i just put just the root user and password in the win2k/winxp 
without create the machine in Samba Server and automaticaly the samba 
create or include this machine in the smbpasswd ?

2: I don't want that the samba storaged the profiles for each user on the 
server. I want that when the user join the the domain the profile be 
storaged  in that machine hard disk and no in the server. I try to do 
this, removing all profiles sessios from smb.conf but when i do this when 
the user logged in domain the machine display a message that the machine 
could not acess a profile on the server, so the profile will be storaged 
localy, but after this the machine display other message that it get not 
sucessful creating a local profile and will be storaged a profile 
temporally. The question is: I must to configure on samba to the machine 
know that he must to storage the profile locally ? If yes what is the 
configuration ?

3: I created 30 shares, all them apointing to folder /home/<sharename>, 
and when i made the logon script using "net use" command apointing to 
\\<samba ip> it shows that i must to use \\<samba ip>\<share>. But i must 
to share just the \\<samba ip> because i have 30 shares and i cannot 
create 30 differents shares logon script. How i do this ? I try to create 
other share apointing to just /home, when i did this in this share i saw 
all folder inside it, but when i did this and i acess this folder i lost 
all the inside folder permissions like write permissions, read 
permissions, browse permissions, etc.. In the samba that some way of i 
create a share and this share permission not propagate to inside folders ?

Thanks so much. 

Stéphanas Schaden
email: stephanass at

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