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Thu Nov 18 00:17:47 GMT 2004

Daniel Reed wrote:
> On 2004-11-18T09:51+1100, tridge at wrote:
> ) but we can't take them on lightly. We need a plan (and volunteers for
> ) the effort) to create libs that won't be more of a curse than a
> ) benefit.
> )
> ) for internal samba use their benefits are much more dubious.
> If any significant code is shared between smbd and nmbd there may be a
> benefit to only having it resident once.
> What's the issue with using Libtool?

Every project I've worked on that has relied on libtool for its
shared library support has run into portability problems and various
bugs on common OS's such as MacOS X and Linux, even with recent
versions of libtool.  Beyond those problems, there is the issue of
libtool hiding how it is doing its work (making debugging of problems
difficult) and the fact that libtool-created libraries and
executables cannot be debugged directly - they have to be "installed"
first (arguably you can set environment variables on most OS's to
make things work, but you have to do that outside of libtool and
run/load the binaries from the .libs directories)

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