Special Characters

Andre Weidner peter_lustig at gmx.de
Wed Nov 17 14:12:10 GMT 2004


I am quite new to this list, but i searched archives and the rest of the web
but could not find a solution. It seems like our Administrator-password is
to hard for Samba. It contains a special character in it (§, ASCII 167,
SHIFT+3 on a german keyboard). So if i try to join a ADS (with Windows 2000)
it always sais "Preauthetication failed". When i use my (personal) password
that contains only chars and numbers, it sais "Insufficent access", although
i am in the group of Domain-Administrators. Same thing with our Proxyserver
(uses smb_auth): All user/password combinations work except the
Administrators combination. Any suggestions are welcome - except exchanging
the password ;-) 

In both cases it's Debian woody. The new server has offical Samba.org 3.0.8
packages with Debians MIT Kerberos 5 (1.2.4).
The proxyserver runs Samba 2.2.3a-14.1 (Debian woody) and is bound at

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