Question about interdomain trust relationship between Samba and Win2003

Jianliang Lu at
Wed Nov 10 09:54:19 GMT 2004

We have a Win2003 domain for resources and a Samba domain (NT4 domain) that
is trusted by the W2003 domain. The trust is established well, but when we
would add the permissions for the Samba domain users to the W2003 resources,
so the Samba users list would be enumerated, we are asked for enter the
"user/password", and the "user" should be entered with the syntax
"domain/user". This behavior is newer because for Samba - NT trust
relationship we had not that require. I don't think this is the problem of
"anonymous user", I've tried to this also, but failed. I'd like to know if
this is a "normal behavior" for Samba in a context of Interdomain trust
relationship between Win2003 and Samba.

Thanks in advance,
Jianliang Lu

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