[Feature Request] smbspool should accept port parameter in URL

Fabian Franz FabianFranz at gmx.de
Sun May 30 11:29:08 GMT 2004


while working on printing  support for NX (www.nomachine.com) I stumbled 
across a problem I could not solve without a patch.

NX is a terminal server (with very efficient X-protocol compression) and to 
allow easy file sharing with the local machine samba is used. For NX the 
NX-Client does forward the samba / windows port 139 to some port on the 
remote machine. As smbmount does allow a port parameter, easy file sharing 
and mounting is already possible.

So it is necessary for NX that smbspool parses the port parameter. I also 
opened a bugzilla-entry with a proposed patch:


I myself am Knoppix co-developer and we have the NX-client on it since version 



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