vfs_shadow_copy flexibility

Tom Alsberg alsbergt at cs.huji.ac.il
Sun May 30 07:18:25 GMT 2004

Hi there...

I read a bit about the vfs_shadow_copy module, and thought to try it
out as an interesting option.  We already have filesystem snapshots
accessible from Unix, in a scheme that is slightly different from
what's documented in the source and in the HOWTO:

In every directory there is a directory named .snapshot, inside which
there are directories named like hourly.0, hourly.1, ..., nightly.0,
nightly.1, ..., weekly.0, weekly.1, ..., where the snapshots reside.
The snapshots are accessible as a tree, meaning that you don't have to
enter the .snapshot directory of the current directory, but can also
just enter to the .snapshot directory of any parent (or super-parent)
directory and in there descend again.

So anyway, the scheme is not directories named @GMT-<date>...,
and actually the directory names do not contain the date at all,
although the date is the date of the directory (ctime).

My question is, what would the right/easiest way be to make this work
with the Shadow Copy service?  I assume more than configuration is
necessary - somehow, as it seems that Windows is the one expecting the
@GMT-... names.  Yet, I'm interested in how to do it relatively

Actually, those snapshots are made by NetApp filers, and they're quite
configurable, but changing the naming of the snapshot directories is
not an option right now.

  Any ideas or help appreciated,
  -- Tom

P.S. I would appreciate a response to my message of the 23rd of May,
regarding the meaning of all kinds of files in lockdir

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