bug 1315 related problems with 3.0.4 and patches

Simo Sorce idra at samba.org
Wed May 26 13:50:25 GMT 2004

I had a similar problem in a big installation.
Some XP's were working fine, while others had a variable number of
services crashing IF the network cable were attached at boot time and
for the time XP needs to load al libraries/services under the login

Turned out to be a bug in samba coupled with a misconfiguration.

I had a wrong configuration for group mapping of wellknown domain
groups, basically I forgot to put some attributes in the ldap tree and
some query failed unespectedly. This coupled with a problem in the samr
pipe for group enumeration when no groups are found made some XP's go

I thought of a possible fix for this but it is not easy, and it only
show up on wrong configurations afaik.

Hope this helps.

On Wed, 2004-05-26 at 15:02, William Baker wrote:
> (more info)
> The Workstation service on XP dies during bootup/login.  Logon works as 
> a local admin, which can then be used to start the Workstation service. 
>   Once the service is started (manually this time), the local user can 
> log  out and domain users can log in successfully.  The event log has 
> little information other than showing that indeed the Workstation 
> service was started automatically and died by itself of natural causes.
> I may be putting together unrelated problems to come to the erroneous 
> conclusion that it is related to bug 1315.
> This morning I tried 3.0.5pre1 with the same results, though the results 
> could be tainted, as I had shares on a 3.0.4 box which was not the PDC. 
> (It should not have been functioning as BDC either.
> I'm open to suggestions and knowledgable enough to code, patch, and run 
> ethereal.  I'm not intimately familiar with Samba's inner workings.  I 
> have several XP machines which exhibit the problem and I could put 
> together a separate test network.
> bbaker
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