bug 1315 related problems with 3.0.4 and patches

William Baker bbaker at priefert.com
Wed May 26 13:02:58 GMT 2004

(more info)

The Workstation service on XP dies during bootup/login.  Logon works as 
a local admin, which can then be used to start the Workstation service. 
  Once the service is started (manually this time), the local user can 
log  out and domain users can log in successfully.  The event log has 
little information other than showing that indeed the Workstation 
service was started automatically and died by itself of natural causes.

I may be putting together unrelated problems to come to the erroneous 
conclusion that it is related to bug 1315.

This morning I tried 3.0.5pre1 with the same results, though the results 
could be tainted, as I had shares on a 3.0.4 box which was not the PDC. 
(It should not have been functioning as BDC either.

I'm open to suggestions and knowledgable enough to code, patch, and run 
ethereal.  I'm not intimately familiar with Samba's inner workings.  I 
have several XP machines which exhibit the problem and I could put 
together a separate test network.


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