Samba in a high availablity enviroment

Per Kofod per at
Mon Mar 29 13:17:24 GMT 2004

Hi Xperts

We are running a samba server in a High availability environment,
where we have a primary server, and a backup server, normally 
only the primary server normally runs the SMBD and NMBD daemons,
and the backup server is just monitoring the primary server ready 
to take over in case the primary server, or its applications goes
down. Both servers share the same raid system, so the backup server
can take over any files from the primary in case of a fail over.
The backup server also takes over the samba configuration files.

The problem is that when failing over, or falling back, the samba
server needs to rejoin the domain controlled by an W2K AD server.

They want to avoid having to rejoin ( as this is a manually process ),
and I was wondering where the needed membership information is kept,
and if it would be possibly to avoid having to rejoin if this file
was shared between the two servers. ( the daemons are never run on both
nodes at the same time).

My guess is that this information is kept in one of the files under
$SAMBA/var/locks directory; but which one, and can the other node take 
over this file without any complications?

If needed, it is possibly to also fail over the MAC address.

Thanks Per

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